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Enhance Sinks, Safety, and Savings With Touchless Faucets

Touchless Faucet
Replace your old, boring kitchen and bathroom faucets with new touchless faucets to make your sinks more functional and your life more secure. Touchless-faucet technology has transformed modern faucets into tools that offer looks, safety, and green benefits. Here's what you need to know about touchless kitchen and bathroom faucets.
Sinks Look Sophisticated With Touchless Tech
Touchless faucets mesh with any bathroom or kitchen décor. The hands-free fixtures are available in sleek contemporary versions that enhance industrial and minimalist furnishings. You can also choose artistic kitchen and bathroom faucets that add a vintage or Old World atmosphere to your kitchen and bath sinks.
Browse websites and shop around to learn about the many types and features of touchless faucets. Your plumber is a great source of knowledge concerning the reliability and ease-of-installation of the various touchless-faucet brands.
Touchless faucets are sophisticated sink enhancements thanks to their electronic components and displays. Sensors on some touchless faucets are actually tiny infrared lights and infrared sensors mounted in tandem. Other touchless faucets use ultrasonic field sensors to turn the water off and on when hands are present.
Installation of a touchless faucet involves plugging in AC adapters, using a battery pack, or wiring the faucet controls into your home's electrical system. Your plumber can explain more about the installation of specific brands of touchless faucets in your circumstances.
High-quality touchless faucets require very little maintenance once they're installed. However, batterypowered touchless faucets can malfunction when the batteries are drained. After changing the batteries, you may need to hit a reset button to start the faucet.
Safety Is Built Into Touchless Technology
Any home cook with hands covered in messy ingredients knows the dilemma: you need water to wash up, but you don't want to touch the faucet handles with your dirty hands. In a kitchen, germs can spread like wildfire from surface to surface. If you touch the kitchen sink faucet handle with contaminated hands, the next person who touches the faucet handle will get some of the germs on their fingertips.
You can sanitize faucet handles on a routine basis, but you may not sanitize fast enough for quick kids and housemates. The solution to the dirty-hands-dilemma is a touch-free faucet. With a wave of your hand, a touch of your arm, or your voice command, the spout starts flowing.
Touchless faucets aid in food safety and other home-safety issues, such as the following:
  • Decrease spread of flu and other viral diseases
  • Prevent cross-contamination of  bacteria and fungi
  • Prevent accidental faucet use and flooding
  • Prevent scalding with programmable temperature controls
Touchless faucets also allow people with mobility issues to maintain their personal hygiene. For example, a person with arthritis may have difficulty turning a sink faucet knob on and off when they want to shave or brush their teeth. A touchless faucet allows the person to control water flow without using their hands at all.
Water Use Decreases to Provide Energy Savings
You save money on water bills when water flows out of faucets intentionally rather than thoughtlessly.  If you live in an area with high water and/or sewer bills, the savings from intentional water use can be significant over time. Think about how often you leave taps running to grab a hand towel or find your favorite soap. How often do kids leave taps running while they brush their teeth?
Many touchless kitchen and bathroom faucets have built-in water-saving features in addition to the touchless technology. The faucets may have aerating cartridges that give excellent rinsing flow without wasting water. Temperature controls also help monitor water heating to reduce wasted energy from overheated water.
Whether your touchless faucet operates with a foot control, voice commands, or an infrared sensor, you get convenience and sustainability in the same plumbing fixture. Low-flow touchless kitchen and bath faucets are ideal for locations where water pressure is inadequate, but you need good water flow.
Schedule installation of your touchless faucet by contacting Daytona Plumbing today. Out trusted company has professionally installed faucets and plumbing fixtures in the Volusia and Flagler County, Florida regions for nearly 65 years.


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