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5 Signs You've Got Trouble Brewing in Your Sewer Lines


When you're dealing with your plumbing, you can't afford to ignore problems with your sewer line. Unfortunately, since you can't see inside your drains, you can't always identify problems right away.

That's why you need to know what warning signs to look for. Early identification of sewer line problems allows you to contact your plumber quickly. Here are five signs that your sewer line needs immediate help.

1. Foul Sewage Odors From Your Drains

There's nothing worse than raw sewage odors drifting through your home. Unfortunately, sewage odors are a common symptom of sewer drain troubles.

If you're smelling sewer odors in your home, the first thing you need to do is have your drains cleaned. The odors could be coming from years of decaying debris that's accumulated in your drain pipes. If you still have sewer odors in your home once you've had your drains cleaned, you need to have your sewer lines inspected as soon as possible.

2. Clogs Throughout Your House

Occasional drain clogs are a real nuisance. However, if you get stuck with a clogged drain several times a week, or you have multiple drains that are affected by clogs at the same time, you have more than a nuisance - you have a serious plumbing problem inside your sewer lines, most likely your main sewer line.

Your home is comprised of a system of drain pipes that resemble the branches of a tree. If one line is clogged, the rest of the lines continue to flow freely. However, if the main sewer line is clogged, the rest of the lines are affected as well.

3. Raw Sewage in Your Clean Out Drains

Problems in your sewer lines also affect your clean-out drains. Clean-out drains are used by plumbers to access your main drain pipes. If there's a problem with your sewer lines, and you've got odors and clogs in your house, take a look at your clean-out drains.

If you've got trouble with your sewer lines, this is where you'll notice the next signs. Carefully remove the cover from your clean-out drains. If you're confronted with dark, smelly water or raw sewage, you need to call your plumber right away.

4. Sewer Water in Your Bathtubs

When you have problems with your plumbing, you may notice that your bathtub drains get a bit sluggish. However, you should never find raw sewage or brown, smelly water in your bathtubs. If you do, you have a sure sign that your sewer lines are clogged.

When your sewer lines are clogged, raw sewage and sewer water have nowhere to go but back up into your home. Unfortunately, the easiest access points are the drains leading from your bathtubs. If you encounter raw sewage or brown sewer water in your tubs, don't try to clean the mess. Instead, seal off the bathroom and call your plumber right away.

5. Deep Gurgling Sounds From Your Toilets

If your sewer lines are in need of help, your toilets let you know about the problem right away. Your first sign might be in the form of deep gurgling sounds from deep within the toilets. Next, you can expect to experience frequent clogs - clogs that you won't be able to clear with a plunger. Finally, you'll have brown water seeping out from around the base of your toilet.

Don't take chances with your sewer line. If you're faced with any of the situations described above, contact us at Daytona Plumbing. We've got plumbers ready to come out and clear up your sewer line problems right away. Call us as soon as you see one or more of these signs.


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